Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010, #365

Today marks one year of daily photos. It's been an interesting challenge for me and a good learning experience, learning more about myself than just taking photos. There have been days when it was a struggle to take one photo and many days when I took way too many photos.

The bitterly cold, snowy weather we've had this past week has reminded me of how difficult it had been to find something to photo last winter. I really had a tough time with all the white and neutral coloring of my daily landscape. I kept looking forward to spring, waiting to photograph the color and growth that was coming. When these events arrived I soon realized that while I got my photo of the occurrence it was just that, one photo, one day. It taught me the importance of being in the present, looking and seeing what is around me, being aware and in the moment. Some of my favorite pictures happened because I was in the right place at the right time and actually seeing what was around me, opportunities that presented themselves that were not planned or anticipated. Most of my photos were taken on my morning walks. This time of year it's dark during my walks so it forces me to find other times, places and opportunities.

My original plan had been to see if I could do this for one year. My year is done, but I don't think I am. I'll continue to post , but there's the possibility that some older pictures will be in the mix. I took almost 3500 pictures in the past year, many were so bad they were deleted, but some I'd still like to share.

For the next week (thru Dec.5,2010), if you let me know which picture was your favorite from the past year, I'll have a 5x7 copy printed for you. I'll send it to you as my Thank You for following along. Either leave a comment or contact me at


  1. OH MY! too many to choose from!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I've enjoyed following you and so glad you are going to continue.

    I had to go through every picture of course! I narrowed it to 10 the first round, then to 4: 9/10, 4/15, 3/9 and 2/27. It was hard to choose from these but I think 9/10 is my favorite.

    Love following your blog too!

  3. Several were my favorites, but I really think June 17 was the best one for me - May 25 was excellent, and March 3 - I think: ice circles with earth? - you've given us all such a treat, I'm so glad you are continuing, Linda! Krys

  4. March 24th for sure! I'm glad you're continuing with this project.

  5. So - I went through ALL of your pictures. It's such a pleasure to see this creative journey you are on. I'm so glad you are sharing it.

    Believe it or not - THIS is my favorite picture. I miss snow.
    Close seconds were the Ostirch truck on Aug 16th, the red wall with the yellow O on Jul 31, and your snow pictures from last Jan 8th and 15th.

    I can see your growth. Beautiful work!
    (And you don't need to send a picture. It was lovely to enjoy them here!)